Web Development Process

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We’d love to help you create something amazing!

  • Custom WordPress design
  • Custom WordPress themes
  • Photoshop mock up of site
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Professional graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Professional copy writing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media integration
  • World class website security
  • WordPress training
  • WordPress multisite
  • Custom web-based applications
  • Migration of your website to WordPress

Our 6-Step Website Development Process

1. Planning

Purpose – What is the purpose of the site? Promote a service? Sell a product?

Goals – What do you hope to accomplish by building this web site?

Target Audience – What group of people that will help you reach your goals?

Content – What kind of info will your audience be looking for on your site?

2. Design

Brand Identity – What is the look & feel you want on your site?

Functionality – What special functions do you want your site to perform?

Architecture – What is the best persuasion architecture for conversions?

Iterative Process – We design your site in Photoshop until you’re satisfied

3. Development

WordPress Theme – We develop a custom theme from your PSD design

HTML/CSS – We write HTML/CSS code complying with current web standards

Plugin Development – We ensure seamless customization of plugins

Responsive Design – Your site is coded to resize to tablets, phones and PCs

4. Testing

Functionality – Forms, scripts, links and special functionality working properly

Web Browsers – Optimized to be viewed properly in latest web browsers

Code Validation – Validating all the written code works properly

Website Speed – Ensuring page-load speed is within acceptable limits

5. Launch

Domain Registration – Register your (domain names for your site)

Website Hosting – Select the best web hosting package for your type of site

Site Transfer – We transfer your site from our staging server to your host

Final Test – Confirm web transfer went smoothly

6. Support

Updates – Update your WordPress core, theme and plugins monthly

Backups – Backup your site on a daily basis

Security Monitoring – Monitor technical ceramics manufacturer at Wunder Mold

Uptime Monitoring – Monitor site uptime and fix it if goes down

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